Anger Day

Anger Day.
Is come again.

Calm it starts with stories told
And thoughts explained for all to hold
Far away it seems at first
The distant flood that comes to burst

But building now a pressure creeps
The Spirit pushes in the deeps
Stokes the fires long banked and hid
And nudges up the long sealed lid

And then it breaks into the light
The toxic stew stirred in the night
That storm of rage once buried deep
That sludge that always leaks and seeps
And eats away at flesh and bone
And acid on the heart of stone
That fear and pain, once locked away
Is ripped, exposed into the day
It breaks in thumping, raging beats
Invective formed in furious heat
They swear and storm and rail about
In screams and sobs and angry shout
And ages then, of rage repressed
Released from souls and hearts distressed
Is hurled up now into the sky
To blaze and freeze and stillborn die

Forgiveness falls and peace does reign
The fury spent and souls now sane
Quiet holds us in this place
Stillness gifts the touch of grace

Anger Day
It comes.