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About Gordon


What in the world can I say about myself?

I'll try to be honest. I like music and art and beauty. I like to write and try to capture that fleeting moment on a page.

I am an introvert, but have great affection for people. I am always needing to intersect with the love and mystery of God. By day I teach young adults at Catch The Fire's School of Ministry in Toronto and am forever riding the subway to University. By night I'm a sci-fi/fantasy expert (when I'm not studying for my Phd.)  What sustains me? The love of God. Beauty. The wisdom and quick-witted laugh of my wife. Watching endless re-runs with my son. My daughter with her arm around my shoulder. 

Maybe something I say or write can make a difference in your life.
Maybe we can share something that matters.

My Story

I moved. Yes. That made all the difference.

At age 13, I moved across town from the school I had always attended. That meant no more baggage. No more low expectations of the kid everyone had known as a daydreamer. Someone clumsy and slow. With a new school came a blank slate. And Mr.Bray. Every Friday we would crowd around him on a carpet. He would sit, this dark figure with the candle-light flickering in his face while he read Lord of the Rings. And he taught me about writing, let me bleed all my teenage angst through the tip of my pen onto pieces of paper. Those budding skills were abandoned in the squeeze of other events, but I never forgot. Decades later, at the encouragement of a co-worker, I began to write articles in the local newspaper. Even won an award at a writer's conference. And two of my pieces were picked up by another newspaper. But when I moved to Texas, all of that fell to the ground again for another decade. Then I started writing my blog and finished my first book, Oriented. Of course there is a lot more to life than that. But that's the writing side of things...

The Official Bio

Gordon C. Harris is a modern contemplative teacher and theologian.  Based in Toronto, he is a respected leader, with a focus on training and equipping young adults. Long fascinated by the Old Testament, Gordon’s driving passion is to help people encounter the nature of God and grow in love for his Word. With over 15 years pastoral experience and a Masters in Theology, Gordon oversees all curriculum development for Catch The Fire. Gordon and his wife Cathy have two adult children. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Theological Studies.