Why "Breathing Ether"?

I'm pretty sure that in coming across my site people are asking questions about my sanity in calling it Breathing Ether. Things like: "Is this a new way to get high? Isn't ether an early anaesthetic? Are you trying to put everyone to sleep?"

The short answer to all that is "No." So, let me explain it this way...Ether has some interesting connotations:

1. It's a volatile, very flammable substance. A stimulant.

2. It was once thought to be what we now call space, the piece beyond the terrestrial world. That works well for me because I'm still something of a day dreamer.

3. The 5th Element. The ancients believed it was the highest element after earth, air, fire and water. (And of course, the movie taught us that element is "love".)

4. The massless substance once theorized to be the medium of transmission of electromagnetic waves

What we are talking about is writing that might spark some thought or passion, a transmission of light, something concerning things beyond ourselves. 

So for all the following etherial or mundane words… 

…at the very least (O God) let it be funny.