In the blood

Revival. It is our hunger, our vision, our pursuit. In the school of ministry we are chasing the one who does the impossible before breakfast and the merely supernatural in the middle of the night.  In the School of Ministry we are looking and preparing for revival. It is the one thing we must have. Because the School of Ministry was born in the midst of revival, in the middle of the laughter and tears and the stunning movement of the Holy Spirit. We came to life in the embrace of the Father. And we cannot live in the ordinary. We can never be content to stay where we are. There is more and we know it.  We must have God show up. 

And he does. He comes in dreams and visions, in meditation and Holy Spirit encounters. He comes in the caress of love and the prophetic call. And the thirst for revival means we take what he brings and pass it on to the next generation. So we train young leaders to change the world. To pray and prophesy and love people to life. To lay hands on broken limbs, injured minds, and troubled hearts so that there is peace and wholeness. To sing and play music that shouts his worthiness to the whole world. To open their hearts and let God change them. And we teach them to love the Holy Spirit. To know God and be friends with him. To follow Jesus in the same way that he carried out his Father’s will. We do it because these are the acts of revival. And revival is in our blood